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Wholly Skin

Love Your Skin

Welcome to an experience of radiance!

Re-energize your body by bringing strength back into your skin. 

When you love your skin, your skin will love you back with a beautiful glow.

Wholly Skin is a hands-on learning experience with tools and specialized techniques that will empower your body. Our Manual Skin Therapist will guide you through each level as you work your way towards optimal skin health!  

Wholly Skin Care Practice

Level One begin learning and first steps:

Learn the properties of skin, first steps in caring for your skin, why skin detoxing is so important, and learn how to use the beginner's required tools for the Wholly Skin care routine. 

Level Two takes you deeper: 

Learn more manual techniques as well as advanced tools that will bring you glowing skin.  

Level Three move beyond glowing skin: 

Learn how to increase facial expressions to improve your non-verbal cues.

At Wholly Skin you will only use all natural products and holistic techniques. 

We guarantee a glowing look that you will love.

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