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More About Coily Ministries

Our Story

Since opening in 2000, we have become masters of our craft. Our commitment to quality products, exceptional services and incomparable customer care keep our community coming back again and again. We never stop improving, and are continuing to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve the San Francisco area.​A COILY is defined as: any shift whereby an individual feels more empowered, authentic, more alive, and energized toward self-determination, truth, and goodness. COILY MINISTRIES encourages all branches, subsidiaries, members, and affiliates to create their COILY.
COILY MINISTRIES are on the frontlines of creating a means where we, the people, govern ourselves in alignment with Natural Law and true Sovereignty, existing to create positive change.  To this end, we choose to stand together and find common ground. We choose to identify and carry out solutions that help both, people, and nature. We choose to honor each person's diverse resources, skills, and talents, because success will require the engagement of the whole community.“To be in the world, but not of the world, and to act in accordance with Nature and Nature’s God, the Creator Almighty, and serve as stewards with the dominion over all earthly things as commanded by our creator in Scripture.” Thomas Jefferson

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